Web Hosting

We offer user friendly web hosting service with C-panel. With web-based C-panel, you are the controller of your website. You can create and manage email accounts, manage databases and view site statistics and various other features. We provide 3 hosting packages to our customer: Normal Hosting Package, Basic Hosting Package & Deluxe Hosting Package. The packages can be customized according to need of customer.

Hosting Plan:

Normal Hosting Basic Hosting Deluxe Hosting
Web Space: 200 MB
Email Accounts: 2
Bandwidth: 2 GB
Web space: 500 MB
Email Accounts: 5
Bandwidth: 5 GB
Web Space: 1 GB or More
Email Accounts: 20
Bandwidth: Unlimited


We don’t compromise on quality Service. We continuously monitor our customer sites so they could be informed during Bandwidth & Web Space exceeds limits. Initially, we provide 5-15 MB freely additional web space according to need of customers.